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Jul 26, 2015

Minecraft Cupcakes

My nephew's birthday party is today and he is a big fan of Minecraft, so being the awesome Aunt I am, I decided to make him a bunch of Minecraft cupcakes. Problem is he is really picky... I mean really picky. He only likes vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing and they have to be white in colour, so I made a bunch of Minecraft cupcake toppers for him out of perler beads.


I made 6 weapons and tools and stuck them into the cupcakes, and then I made 6 characters and monsters from the game and just placed them on top of the cupcakes. I really love the final product and hope to sell these in my store at some point. I hope my nephew like these too. I figure these would make great magnets afterwards or we could use them to make a frame or something. 

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