Jun 17, 2015

News So Big I resurrected My Blog for it: Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced at E3!

SquareEnix and Sony announced at the Sony E3 conference yesterday that Final Fantasy VII will be getting a long needed remake. It will look much like the beautiful Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie which if you haven't seen I suggest you do.

May 14, 2014

Trailer: Supernatural Season Finale Promo

Are you ready for the end? Next week Season 9 of Supernatural comes to a close and we finally see how bad the effects of the Mark of Cain & the First Blade are really effecting Dean. Will Metatron bite the big one? Will Crowley survive or will Dean join his team? Did Gadreel suffer his encounter with Dean and the first blade? Will Sam and Cas come out of this alive? So many questions the fans are dying to know the answer too. Guess we will find out next week.

I look forward to answering the ultimate question which is "What is the one ending we haven't seen in the Supernatural fandom yet that the writers have been hinting at?" Could Dean go full dark side and join Crowley's team? That is something we haven't seen yet. No Winchester has yet go full monster mode and face his brother head on as the real big bad for the season. That could be an interesting Season 10.

TV Talk: Crowly Quotes

Great quote from last week's Supernatural episode. Gotta love a good villian and Crowley is one of the best.

TV Talk: How Jensen Ackles Sees the End of Supernatural

This is a beautiful idea on how to end the show but based on how the character of Dean is progressing Jensen should face the scary truth that it is more likely that Dean will die in the end and Sam will continue on without him.

After 9 Seasons of Supernatural, Dean has been to Hell and back, and I mean that literally. His character is so broken at this point, he would never be able to walk away from the hunter life and he certainly would not be able to function without his brother by his side. My prediction for the end of Supernatural will be the death of Dean as one last sacrifice to protect his little brother.