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Jul 22, 2015

The Muppets Return to TV - Network Pilot Video

The Muppets are returning to prime time tv this fall via ABC and here's a first look at what was sent to ABC to convince them to put the Muppets back on the air, but it's not what the show is actually about.

The show is actually a behind the scenes show set on the background of Miss Piggy's talkshow, "Up Late with Miss Piggy". Here talkshow is a late night show which runs after Jimmy Kimmel and Kermit is Miss Piggy's Executive producer, Scooter is the talent co-coordinator, Gonzo is the head writer, along with Pepe and Rizzo, Fonzo is her sidekick on air, Bobo is the stage manager, and Sam Eagle is the broadcast standards for the network. Each Muppet basically has a role in the production of the show.

It's gonna be done in a documentary style much like The Office and feature lots of well known and old school Muppets, and lots of celebrity guests. I look forward to having my Muppets back on the small screen but I kind of wish they had done the show in the format of the original Muppet show with variety show acts.

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