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Jan 1, 2011

Etsy Sucks

Yep, I hate Etsy. The site has never done a single thing to ever protect my work and the moment I try to protect it myself, they shut down my store.

So fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

I'm not too upset here cause my store was in the final stages of closing. I've been going to school and had only items I needed to finish selling off listed in the store - so no biggie, but to know I was shut down over a dispute over someone using my photos to promote their store really pisses me off. I was in the right here and so were several other artist she was ripping off who reported her, and yet I get shut down. Nice - Justice in Action!


Etsy never protects their store owners when it counts. If I ever start selling again, it will be over at Art Fire.com and never for the dicks at Etsy.com.


piken said...

Aah, loved that you had it before you became busy, for I certainly treasure the perler bead magnets that cover my refrigerator. Curious what you mean by "try to protect".

Jay said...

I completely! agree! ETSY SUCKS!!! They did the same thing to a friend of mine on Dec. 6th 2010 What I do not get.. they promote "quitting your day job" for what??? to work for them? then they can basically fire you for no f-ing reason nor will they even reply to why. People need to hear about this!

Faith said...

My fridge has no room left for anything, so anything I was selling on Etsy was left over pieces I had no room for, or no reason to keep like a "It's a Girl" baby frame. I have no kids.

Trying to protect my work meant me sending messages to the another Etsy seller and asking her to remove my pictures from her My Space page because they weren't hers and I didn't give her permission to use them to promote her store.

Funny thing is Etsy shuts down my store for these messages which were in no way nasty messages because they don't want the sellers talking about this issues with each other, but another seller told me when she contacted Etsy about an issue with stolen artwork, they told her to take it up with the other Etsy seller.

So which is it? Can we talk to the other sellers about their misdeeds or not?

wolfman said...

hey, youve got an awsome blog first off, although im sure you already knew that. its too bad ur store got shut down, that sucks :( people can be such retards. id appreciate it if you stopped by my blog: geekspeak, if you get the chance. and keep doing what ur doing ;)

Ainsley said...

Wow, I can't believe this. Their reasoning was you were too meddlesome?

I am sorry you had to shut down your shop, but at least you won't have to deal with them anymore. Not that that is really any consolation.

Anonymous said...

Etsy has a horrible attitude toward it's sellers. We are the people that keep their site going, keep money in their pockets, and feed their families, and they treat us like garbage. They put us on trial for hearsay and scrutinize our responses. They shut down stores and ask questions later. That philosophy will cost them their popularity in the end.

G33K GODDESS said...

welcome to the club...


If you need a place to help you resettle...

Buy 3DS said...

yeah etsy shut down my account too for no reason! There are better alternatives anyway!

rockliffe said...

i have agree with that.its too bad ur store got shut down

Anonymous said...

Etsy sucks! ChristyCleckler stole from me by accepting my payment and never sent my item. Etsy doesn't do anything about it. Tell everyone NOT to shop there!!!!

Anonymous said...

You Go Girl!
Etsy sucks. A FAILED VENTURE !!!
I found out about etsy from a TV show. When I visited the website very first time, first thing I noticed was an annoying pop up asking me if I want to set my lannguage/dollar amount to US and US$.
I am not even located in US and and wouldnt even consider paying in asked currency. Hell why are you asking?? DUH!, If I am on internet, I browse with my OWN selected language, why should I consider (other) English??
This pop up blocked 1/4 of my net book screen and stayed there regardless of any page I visited. I hate pop ups and I thought suggesting them this so called "option" at the bottom of screen with a small tab/button and guess what??surprise, surprise!, its already there BESIDE the poop up.
I dont think I will visit this less known website ever again unless this annoying pop up is fixed. BTW, contacting them is also "forced" by opening of an account "by choice???". (anothr ANNOY)
I was thinking about opening an account but after google, I changed my mind. Why there are so complaints about them???
(pardon my language of "choice", it's as an "option" too you know)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to show support! Etsy SUCKS!!! I closed my shop because of the same kind of crap. Losers!