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Jul 28, 2009

Girls Go Geek: Now This I Can Get Behind!

I hate to admit it, but I have a huge lack of girlfriends. It's probably because of my "hide behind my monitor" relationships with people but it also has to do with the fact that I fail to find normal women or women I can relate to. Even being connected to the internet I can't seem to connect with a lot of the female gaming community because I don't always see eye to eye with them on a lot of topics or I just know all the wrong female gamers, I don't know.

But for whatever reason, I don't have any close girlfriends in the tech industry nor do I have many out there that I hold in great regard. Too many of them burned me I guess.

This week I did hear some good news about a person I do respect in the biz and I have no problem promoting anything she does. Amber Mac or Amber MacArthur is a great Canadian and respected female tech geek. She worked on several projects in the past and present including working a co-host on Call for Help on G4TechTV and as a reporter on CityTV and CP24.

Now Amber has been chosen to host a new show for Xbox Live called Girls Go Geek and honestly if it was any other person than her, I would be worried about a show like this (Seen crap female gaming shows before), but Amber is a true techie and I can't wait to see the show when it premieres the first week of August.

Amber will be interviewing different female geeks in the biz each episode starting with The Guild star & creator, Felicia Day who is an awesome actress, comedian and writer.

I wish Amber the very best on her new show and I can't wait to check it out.

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