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Jul 28, 2009

Sin to Win: Win a Night With Some Booth Bears?

I love EA. You know why?

Because they are an open-minded company and they proved it today. Putting two and two together, I figured out one of the winners for the Dante's Inferno contest could be the owner and writer for GayGamer.net, Flynn "Fruite Brute" Marco, who trust me isn't interested in a night out on the town with two hot women.

He was another person not happy with the straight male targeted contest, but he decided to take some pictures with his favorite booth bears to see what EA thought. Apparently EA liked it because they are asking Flynn to following them on Twitter in order to be properly entered in the contest. Flynn was one of two people asked to follow EA's contest on Twitter which makes me think he could be one of two people that won this contest.

How cool would it be if Flynn won a night on the town with two booth bears or babes? (he plans to take either to a gay bar for the night) I guess all those people complaining that EA isn't thinking about their entire demographic would be wrong. The contest was open to people of all types, cause Flynn sure as heck didn't send pictures in with female promoters from Comic Con. EA definitely knew what Flynn liked and it wasn't a night out with two hot girls.

Sometimes people forget in all the finger pointing that EA is the company that has probably the most female targeted games on the market that don't insult our sex, not to mention a bunch of games with open sexuality choices. They aren't this evil corporation with no concept of who they market too. They just a company full of human beings that make bad choices sometimes and apparently they heard the people's cries and make up for it.

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