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Jul 27, 2009

Comic Con 2009: Videogame Cos-play Highlights

Now that Comic Con 2009 has come and gone, the massive galleries of Cos-players are popping up all over the internet. I've been sorting through the weird and wonderful piles of picture to bring you my favorite videogame costume from the event.

I sometimes think I miss out on the how cosplay side of conventions, but I feel it might be too weird or unprofessional to hit the convention floor in a costume if I'm going to be going as a member of the media. Anyone have a view on that?

If I did go in a costume to the Fan Expo in August, I already know what costume I would go in. I love this little female Ghostbuster's outfit and would probably wear this.

There were alot of cool costumes at the Comic Con this year from sexy little numbers to unique ideas like The Sims diamonds. I love how creative people get with their ideas and wish more people would come in costume to our Fan Expo.

Amazing how sexy pikachu can be when you add boobs.

Max was there but so was Sam. Sam just chose to bring his own Max - the non-speaking, stuffed kind.

There were tons more great costumes but my blog is only so big, so head over to Maximum PC to check out their gallery of 600 pictures for the full coverage of Comic Con 2009's cos-players.

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