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Jun 12, 2009

Epic 8-Bit Bead Art: Princess Zelda is Friggn' Gorgeous

Okay, so maybe I'm getting a bit carried away by my title statement but this has to be one of the best Zelda custom sprites I have ever seen.

Now the original sprites was created my master sprite creator, Abyss Wolf, who's wonderful artwork can also be found on Deviant Art, but the final bead project that you see above was created by my favorite snack lover, Xstatic.

Xstatic unfortunately doesn't have any websites that I know of, so just check out her stuff here at the Pixelgasm Forums.


Anne said...

Yes I do!!! It's www.pixelportrayal.com

And it's sexy.

Just like me.


Thanks for the awesome review GamerFaith! <3 <3

Faith said...

Sweet, I will update the post with your website then. :)