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Mar 5, 2008

G4 Tech Correspondent Search

G4 is now looking for correspondents without boobs to host their tech related shows, which is nice and makes the last contest with the ladies not as bias as before. I still think that G4 should have done a contest for correspondents that allowed both genders to enter at the same time, but if G4 wants to do it this way that's fine.

Contestants have 30 days to enter on Got Cast.com and campaign for votes and then the top ten winners will be considered by G4 to be a host for their tech shows. Contestants have to post a bio, pictures and videos of themselves to help people vote for them.

I just hope all these contests means that G4 will be bringing new tech shows to their channels, because with only two decent tech shows, the American G4TV channel isn't that fun to watch. At least I have Electric Playground, Reviews on the Run, Torrent, CNET TV and The Lab with Leo to watch here on G4TechTV in Canada. :)

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