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Mar 5, 2008

My Xbox 360 Red Ringed Today.

This morning I booted up the old Xbox 360 to play a few games and it decided to freeze on me during a one of those indie XBLA games. So I reboot and the game freezes on the start up screen. I reboot again and it suddenly freezes and then the red ring pops up.

I turned it off, waited a few moments and it worked. Pressed start on the title screen for Army of Two and the console red rings again. GOD DAMN IT!!!!!

So the coffin from Microsoft is on the way and I have nothing but my Wii, DS and PC to play on. I don't mind except I have to find another Xbox 360 to review Army of Two on and my bf is without a console to play on. I hope Flight Sim shows up soon, so he can play that on the PC at least.

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Grim Santo said...

That sucks, I had to send back my girlfriends the other day. Mine is going strong for now at least.