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Mar 6, 2008

Shipping my baby off in a coffin to Microsoft

With lightening speed, my coffin showed up today and so I packed my Xbox 360 up to go to the Purolator store. I hope Microsoft can fix it as fast as they send their fulfillment boxes.

Crappy thing is, my Xbox can still run movies from my computer through it, but the moment you launch any game, then the damn thing freezing and then red rings on reboot.

I stuck a note in for the Microsoft tech about that. I wanna make sure they fully test the darn it before sending it home. I figure they will but I don't want to get a call from them and have them tell me its fine, when its not.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, so hopefully I got a new machine altogether.

1 comment:

Johnny Wadd said...

You should have wrote a bunch of fake industry signatures on it before it left, maybe u would got a nice prize pack from bungie,