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Feb 16, 2008

G4 looking for girl gamer host: peanut gallery groans

The lovely people at G4 are looking for a new female gamer host and have decided to run a contest, instead of just auditioning like normal. G4 Gamer Girl Search is using the Got Cast Web site and their voting system to hunt down the next Olivia Munn or Morgan Webb.

Contestants must post their background information, their measurements *cough*, pictures and videos on a profile page, so people can vote for their favorite girl gamer host. The winner or winners will get to be the newest female host or hosts on one of G4's gaming shows.

I just wanna know where's the contest for the male host? Are the guys not good enough to be put through the public horse and pony show just for a job?

It's obvious that G4 isn't looking for a qualified host because if they were, they wouldn't hold a contest for gamer girls only and then make them going through a dumb voting process. I hope for the contestants' sake that this contest does result in a valid gamer host and not just another pretty face pretending to know what she's reading in the teleprompter.

Gotta give it to G4 though. They created a great marketing tool with this contest because everyone of the girls in the contest will be promoting themselves to tons of people and in turn will be promoting G4TV. Brilliant on their part.

I know I'm probably starting a flame war with my rant, but I'm really sick of these sad girl gamer contests and their attempts to appear to be anything more than a T&A showcase.

Honestly if anyone does decide to vote, vote for the Starslay3r. I think she's the only non-model/gamer in the top 5. Plus she's only like 2 votes behind the top girl. And she's the only one on that list that hasn't spammed my facebook, myspace and email inboxes with "VOTE FOR ME" messages like a friggn' rabid prom queen hopeful.


Matthew Gallant said...

The question is then what "measurements" a male host would need to provide! What a horrendously chauvinistic affair.

Your link to vote for Starslay3r appears to be down or broken, incidentally.

Faith said...

Thanks Matthew

Fixed the link