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Jun 8, 2010

Buying Nintendo Figures for Cheap: Bonus Candy too!

I love my action figure collection. I have spent oodles of money buying Final Fantasy X, Resident Evil, Corpse Bride, Dawn, Batman and lots more figures but sometimes you don't have to break the bank to add to your collection.

Today I added two items to my figures collection and they came from the weirdest place - the candy aisle. My boyfriend bought me the first figure and it came from the top of a candy container. Mario is attached to the lid of a barrel which contained little fruit candies but he looks better than figures I see at work and cheaper too. If I could only remove the lid from his feet without breaking him, I would be happier with him.

The second figure I bought in bulk cause he was so cool - Bob-omb. I bought him at the dollar store and he comes filled with fruit powder candy. His fuse top comes off and reveals a tiny candy stick for dipping into the fruit powder much like Fun Dip candy. Once I eat the candy, I plan to glue the lids shut and display them.

Sure they aren't made by McFarlane Toys or NECA but who cares? They cost a buck a piece and I think they look awesome! Plus they will look nice with my mini green mushroom which once held sour candies.


Rafael said...

I've gotta get my hands on one of those Bob-ombs!

Faith said...

Specifically check Dollaramas - that's where they are.