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Apr 16, 2010

The Ghost in the Blue Ghost Tunnel Found!

So my boyfriend has gotten in photography recently and like the loving girlfriend I am, I have been driving him around to various locations and even going on his trips with him. One of his recent trips took us to a local urban legend spot called the Blue Ghost Tunnel which is apparently an abandoned train tunnel in the old Welland Canal.

Apparently the tunnel's curse started with an accident with two trains that crashed into each other and the two firemen who were operating the boilers who died in the accident. Ever since this train crash, there have been more deaths in the tunnels including 8 men who died from the Lock 6 disaster and this caused rumors to spread that the tunnel was cursed. Those who come to the tunnel now tend to experience feelings of sickness and report hearing sounds of children crying or whispers.

Personally I just got mud on my shoes and heard the squeaking of my boyfriend's camera case. But the complete lack of light and having to walk on wet wood did scare the crap out of me nicely.

Photographers have been able to capture pictures of the tunnel with glowing blue orbs in its center which is apparently proof enough of the tunnel haunting for some. This phenomenon of the blue orbs has earned the tunnel its name, The Blue Ghost Tunnel. While there at the tunnel, my boyfriend managed to snap his own photograph of the Blue Ghost and you can see it here.

Hit the jump for the picture of the Blue Ghost.

I wonder if Pac-Man knows what he does with his nights off?

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