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Jul 12, 2009

Epic 8 Bit Bead Art: Hey! It's Link and Navi

Serena has managed to impress me again with her incredible ironing skills and perfect bead art selection. Her latest bead art piece was originally created by Deviant Artist, Optimal Protocol but Serena has managed to bring this pixel art to life with her incredible beading skills.

I still can't believe she figured out how to iron the little Navi sparkles without losing them in the process. I always have to modify my sprites to include a few more pixels or suffer the loss of a pixel or two in the end.

You can check out Serena's flickr page to see more of her amazing artwork and as well as her Etsy store.

[Via Pixelgasm Forums]

1 comment:

Grend said...

Wow, very nice. This bead art reminds me of 8-bit LEGO Art. Though it is admittedly more impressive.