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Jun 18, 2009

Leon Kroft? - Random Sprites from Pixel Joint

Now there's an image to keep you wake at night.

Pixel Joint, a community for pixel artists is one of my favorite haunts to find new and cool pictures for my beading projects. Every so often I find amazing remakes of videogame characters that scream to be made into a bead piece. The sprite, Leon Kroft by Rabidbaboy, you see above is not one of those.

However, the ones below are.

Guybrush remade by JinnDEvil

Final Fantasy X-2 Girls by Doctor Octoroc

Resident Evil fighting game by Chanfan

BioShock - 8 bit by Badassbill

I highly suggest checking out all the artwork on Pixel Joint because there are tons of cool animated and non-animated sprites to find on there. I wish I was so talented with the pixel to create such amazing artwork.

[Via Pixel Joint]

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