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Jun 5, 2009

The Girl Gamer on Jinx.com

Trying to build up my points over at Jinx.com, I've submitting any pictures of me wearing their t-shirts to the website. So far 3 out of 4 pictures have been approved.

You can find them all here, here and here. Don't judge the crappy pictures. I'm doing it for the gold and experience points over there as I love their stuff.

If you happen to see anything you like while you're over there, here's my referral link. Show some love.


Anonymous said...

Could there possibly be a bigger hypocrite than you?

Faith said...

How am I a hypocrite? cause I post terrible pictures of myself on the internet. Pictures where I have no makeup, my hair's a mess and I'm in my sweat pants.

Yep, big hypocrite.

Doctor Octoroc said...

I actually think that's one of the better pictures I've seen of you. Of course I haven't seen many pictures of you since you don't post them all over the net like some girls :-P

I jest. "Anonymous" must have some serious self-esteem problems...