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Jun 5, 2009

Epic 8-Bit Bead Art: Ultimate Mega Man Collection

While my collection of Final Fantasy VI characters will still always be a masterpiece in my mind (perhaps one that needs more characters added to it ... hmm?), I know there will always be other collections to out do it.

For example, the wonderful Satoshi Matrix from the Pixelgasm forums has created a giant collection of Mega Man or Rock Man bead sprites from Rock Man 1-9 and Rock Man & Forte. This huge collection includes not only almost every single character in the games but also the portraits.

Now I'm not familiar with the series (fanboys may shoot me now), so I can't tell you anything about the characters in the pictures but luckily Satoshi Matrix provided a nice list of all the pieces in the main sprite collection.

Rockman 1

* DLN-000 Blues (Protoman)
* DLN-001 Rockman (Megaman)
* DLN-002 Roll
* DLN-003 Cut Man
* DLN-004 Guts Man
* DLN-005 Ice Man
* DLN-006 Bomb Man
* DLN-007 Fire Man
* DLN-008 Elec Man

Rockman 2

* DWN-009 Metal Man
* DWN-010 Air Man
* DWN-011 Bubble Man
* DWN-012 Quick Man
* DWN-013 Crash Man
* DWN-014 Flash Man
* DWN-015 Heat Man
* DWN-016 Wood Man

Rockman 3

* DWN-017 Needle Man
* DWN-018 Magnet Man
* DWN-019 Gemini Man
* DWN-020 Hard Man
* DWN-021 Top Man
* DWN-022 Snake Man
* DWN-023 Spark Man
* DWN-024 Shadow Man

Rockman 4

* DCN-025 Bright Man
* DCN-026 Toad Man
* DCN-027 Drill Man
* DCN-028 Pharaoh Man
* DCN-029 Ring Man
* DCN-030 Dust Man
* DCN-031 Dive Man
* DCN-032 Skull Man

Rockman 5

* DWN-033 Gravity Man
* DWN-034 Wave Man
* DWN-035 Stone Man
* DWN-036 Gyro Man
* DWN-037 Star Man
* DWN-038 Charge Man
* DWN-039 Napalm Man
* DWN-040 Crystal Man

Rockman 6

* DWN-041 Blizzard Man
* DWN-042 Centaur Man
* DWN-043 Flame Man
* DWN-044 Knight Man
* DWN-045 Plant Man
* DWN-046 Wind Man
* DWN-047 Tomahawk Man
* DWN-048 Yamato Man

Rockman 7

* DWN-049 Freeze Man
* DWN-050 Junk Man
* DWN-051 Burst Man
* DWN-052 Cloud Man
* DWN-053 Spring Man
* DWN-054 Slash Man
* DWN-055 Shade Man
* DWN-056 Turbo Man

Rockman 8

* DWN-057 Tengu Man
* DWN-058 Astro Man
* DWN-059 Sword Man
* DWN-060 Clown Man
* DWN-061 Search Man
* DWN-062 Frost Man
* DWN-063 Grenade Man
* DWN-064 Aqua Man

Rockman 9

* DRN-065: Concrete Man
* DRN-066: Tornado Man
* DRN-067: Splash Woman
* DRN-068: Plug Man
* DRN-069: Jewel Man
* DRN-070: Magma Man
* DRN-071: Hornet Man
* DRN-072: Galaxy Man

Rockman & Forte

* KGN-001 Dynamo Man
* KGN-002 Cold Man
* KGN-003 Ground Man
* KGN-004 Pirate Man
* KGN-005 Burner Man
* KGN-006 Magic Man

Fun fact: When looking up information about this artist, I discovered they live Ontario, Canada like me and they were at the same Video Games Live concert as me in 2008. Small world, huh?

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