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May 29, 2009

Girls of the Arcade from 70s & 80s

Of course, not much is sexier than a hot chick next to a bunch of videogame stuff but if you think our generation created nerdcore hotties than I have a website that about to blow your mind.

Sure, you can't exactly drape a girl with an arcade machine unless you want a really strange picture and a big mess to clean up after wards, but the advertising gurus back in the 70s & 80s still understood that men liked to see sexy ladies next to their gaming machines, so they learned to do the next best thing with their models ... pose them next to the machine - Vanna White style.

Art of the Arcade has a wicked section featuring pictures of models posing beside different arcade machines. Now some are just regular model shots but some are a little more focused on skin than machine, like our lovely Tank Battalion model above. Nice undies, are those regulation gear, soldier?

You can see all the arcade model pictures at Girl of the Arcade.

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