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May 29, 2009

Epic 8 Bit Art: Left 4 Dead Survivors in 8 Bit Mode

Time to showcase some more wicked pieces from my Pixelgasm forum members.

This week I found a cool set of Left 4 Dead bead sprites created by Geek Mythology & Jhex. These sprites were created to show off what the 4 survivors from Left 4 Dead might look like had they been created during the days of the NES or Super Nintendo much like the Half Life sprites I posted last week.

You can check out more artwork from these two artists on their flickr page, website or deviant art page.

Geek Mythology even has an Etsy Store.

1 comment:

Geek Mythology said...

Thanks so much for the props! We're really glad you enjoy the sprites. :) Jhex worked pretty hard on this set!