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Mar 19, 2009

New Resident Evil Commercial: WHAT THE F@#K CAPCOM!

I could ignore all the articles and comments about Resident Evil 5 being a racist videogame, but when a gaming company puts out an advertisement that shows what looks to be my favorite videogame character trying to commit suicide, you do have to ask "What the f@#k are you doing?"

I get the message they are trying to convey with Chris Redfield becoming so messed up from the events in Resident Evil 5 that he can no longer handle live anymore, but Capcom do you really need to promote suicide in your commercials to get that across?

The gaming industry gets enough of a beating everyday because it apparently warps young peoples' minds with violence and sex, and now you want to promote your game with images of suicide. Nice one, why don't you just throw in some rape and incest in your next marketing campaign too? With the racism and violence already in the game that will pretty much around out the all the worst offenses you could have.

Come on Capcom. You don't need to go down that road with your marketing, so let's clean it up and keep the horrible stuff down to a minimum.

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