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Jan 14, 2009

My Mother's Day Present - Link's Awakening

So I'm over at my Mom's house right now complete bombed on prescription pain killers for my migraines, so pardon my bad writing or lovey-dovey moment. I'm at my Mom's house right now because once a week I stay over night in order to go to a Headache Clinic in Toronto to get nerve blocks for my migraines. Not the most fun experience to get 12 needles in your head but it helps to dull the pain, so I deal.

Anyway, today I found in the dining room an old Mother's day present from when I was a kid. It was a cartoon I drew from an old Nintendo Power Issue cover. The 50th issue had a special Link's Awakening cover that featured the owl from the game and my Mom loved owls, so I drew the owl for my Mom and gave it to her. It was part of the gift I gave her for which I can't remember the rest.

I can't believe my Mom still had the owl drawing so I thought it would be cool to scan it and post it. Not bad for someone who can't really draw that well.

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Mike said...

Nice, i made my mom a macaroni vase.