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Dec 29, 2008

Video Game Music Rocked This Year

While we're on the topic of music, I just wanted to say that this was the year for videogame and technology music, whether it was in game or in their commericals.

From the always awesome iPod or iPhone ads which always have the best music featured in them to the truly moving to my personal favorite of the year, the theme song for Mirror's Edge, "Still Alive" by Lisa Miskovsky.

The Nintendo Wii Fit commercial rocked with "On Board" by Friendly Fire and the Prince of Persia commercial had the very unique and exotic "Saeglópur" by Sigur Ros which is featured above in the video.

Then there was pretty much the entire LittleBigPlanet soundtrack which is available on iTunes and the always good Gears of War 2 commercial which had the moving "How It Ends" by DeVotchKa.

If you have any to add to the list for the year from videogame soundtracks or commercials, or even some tech commercial, leave me in the comment field. I'm always looking to add stuff to my play list.

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