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Dec 29, 2008

Sony Must Have a Cool New Marketing Team

Though Sony has had some weird commercials in the past for their Playstation brand videogame systems, I have to say I am impressed with the latest commercials hitting the air waves recently.

The Playstation 3 Murals commerical that promotes games like LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2, plus the PS3's BluRay player, has got a unique art style and a very catchy tune that would make even an iPod commercial jealous.

The music in the commercial is called "Everybody Ona Move" by Michael Franti and Spearhead.

Sony also has a commercial playing in Canada that promotes the new Sony PSP 3000 that follows a PSP on a silver ribbon through Canadian landmarks and city areas. I also love the music playing in this commercial which is called "Sleepyhead" by Passion Pit.

The commercial also does a great job of promoting the PSP's games and movie use.

Congrats Sony for finally moving away from commercials that confuse us or use talking rodents. Keep up the cool new marketing campaign.

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