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Jul 4, 2008

The Girl Gamer is NewBiiz.com's Girl Geek of the Month

NewBiiz.com, a website where you can buy computer parts, PC components, laptops, computer accessories, networking equipment and tons of other great electronics, has decided to create a dedicated section of their website for the ladies and the gadgets we all love.

As a bonus, they've included a section for interesting geek reads, upcoming geeky events, hot products and a girl geek of the month. To kick off the launch of this new section, Newbiiz.com asked me to be their first girl geek of the month. Sweet, huh?

Check out the interview here. and their blog post here.

And if you know any proud female geeks that would love to be featured in the Newbiiz.com "No Boys Allowed" Girl Geek of the Month section, then email the site and promote your friend.

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