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Jun 1, 2008

Golden Axe: Beast Rider - Sexy Red-Headed Chick Riding Beasts ... Need I Say More

Man, this is the year of sexy chicks with red hair and games with characters named Faith, which basically means this is truly the best year of gaming for me.

Now Sega released their new trailer for Golden Axe: Beast Rider which is a sequel or remake of the Golden Axe series that was so popular in the arcades back in the day. I even remember playing it at roller rink one time or two. Yeah, I spent more time playing the arcade games at the roller rink than roller skating because I alway fell and the games were safer.

So the some of the new changes in the games are apparently that you only get to play the main female character who is some sexy warrior chick with lusty, red locks and you won't be able to play two player co-op play like the original Golden Axe. Also apparently characters from the first game are still available in the game but only as NPCs, and Sega promises the game will focus more on the beast riding which the original game didn't.

Before you only had a few moments to ride the beasts until some enemy knocked you off and the damn mount ran off on you. The goblins are still available in the game and will still steal stuff off you in your sleep until you find them and knock the stuffing out of them. Different colour goblins will have different abilities or items, I think.

That's about all I've heard so far about the game, but I'll post more as it comes across my lap.

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Ry-Tron said...

red heads were under-represented in past years. Sadly, it's still mostly faux-red heads in games; I'll bet the beast rider uses manic panic.