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Jun 1, 2008

Did you think I'd miss posting this ... DAHHHH! New Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party Videos

I know I'm a couple of days behind on posting these, but honestly did any one really believe I would forget to post them? I never miss a rabbid related post and if you see anything that I miss I expect you to email me immediately with a link. It would be most appreciated.

So Ubisoft announced their new Rayman Raving Rabbids Game - TV Party which, of course is a party mini game and really would we have it any other way. Ubisoft is one of the early adopters and has already created mini games that utilize the new Wii fit board for the new Rabbids game. Of course, this now explains the latest viral video Ubisoft released a while back featuring a rabbid playing with the wii fit board.

Warning: This video contains a man wearing a suit that's looks like it has a giant hole cut out of the back to show off his butt during game play. Yes, his butt is playing the videogame and Ubisoft wanting you to see how he played the game with his butt, so they put him in a tight spandex suit with some white patch or a hole in the back to show out his butt gaming prowess.

The mini games previewed in the trailer are a downhill cow sledding game that uses the wii fit board much like a snow sled where you have to control it by sitting on the board and pulling each side to tip the board towards the direction you wish to move the sled and there's also a dance move game where you use the wii remotes to performance dance routines as they appear on the screen. Much like Boogie but better hopefully.

The game looks fun and imaginative as usual. I look forward to playing it when it comes out.

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