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Apr 12, 2008

Dead Space Blog: The People Behind the Game

The wicked people at Electronic Arts gave me the chance to check out their blog for Dead Space before it officially launches and best of all, they're letting me share one of those blog posts with my readers before the site official goes live. Not sure when that is yet, but I promise to post the date when I find out.

My personal favorite blog was Tracy Espesleta's, the assistant producer on Dead Space and her recent post on a Dead Space event that had the team creating the grossest cakes inspired by the game. There was a pus filled sack cake [pictured at very top] that won best tasting, a Ishi-s'more [pictured above] inspired by a Ishimura that won best team favorite and apparently there was a cake with a saw blade on it and a severed rubber head.

There are several blogs already posted on the site from several members of the Dead Space team, Bret Robbins, Creative Director and David Yee, Lead Game Play Engineer, for example and each blog has a bit about the members of the EA team and what they do on the game. Very cool and I definitely suggest you should all check it out once it goes live.

But here's just a taste from Brett Robbin's post:
I didn’t expect you to be so hostile this early in the blog entry, but that’s alright, I have a thick skin and I’m also medicated. Bret Robbins is a twelve year veteran of the video game electronic entertainment industry. He/I started his/my career as a level designer on Playstation 1 platform games, like Gex 2: Enter the Gecko. That particular game was made at Crystal Dynamics, now known for revitalizing the Tomb Raider franchise but during my tenure was better known for the malfunctioning bathrooms. I worked my way up, on the backs of the talented, to the position of lead designer and then creative director.


Nite said...

That first picture looks like an omelet gone wrong! :P

Faith said...

I thought dried paint sack myself.