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Sep 17, 2007

This 8-bit fused bead art is epic!

Surfing the web for other 8-bit fused bead artists, I found a forum site where artists like me can chat and post their work. After seeing some of the great pieces that other artists have done, I suddenly feel small in my piece sizes and collection size. I roughly have about 80 or more pieces that I have created, but after seeing Zaghrenaut's collection, I realized I have a long way to go. He has finished at least 200 pieces from Final Fantasy heroes and enemies to Super Mario Bros. 3. He has even finished to huge pieces from Final Fantasy and Bionic Commando.

In terms of project sizes, no one can beat Darlaa's pieces which are so big they took an average of 21 large size boards. From two Ninja Turtle's final screen shots to a Wonder Boy screen shot, Darlaa had to use a wooden board and a large plate to maneuver the boards to iron both sides. Afterwards she had them mounted and framed for hanging. How cool is that!

I want pictures like that in my house. I just wanted to add that I love her amazing Rayman Raving Rabbids pieces. I need to do the bottom rabbit next.


darlaa said...

Hi! Ive seen you using my pictures. That's okay, but please, tell my next time you using my pictures. Okay?


Faith said...

Sorry, but I did credit you for the pieces and I linked back to the forums.

I'll email you about another piece I'm doing for another site soon.

darlaa said...

That's okay:)
I like the credit:)
Fine you linked to the forum :)


Zaghrenaut said...

Hey Faith,

Thanks for the praise on my bigger bead-sprites but next time could you ALSO link to my deviantART page as that's where they are originally hosted at?