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Sep 16, 2007

Review: Carnival Games

Carnival Games for the Wii is a collection of midway games reproduced in mini game form. You and your advanced looking Mii travel to different sections of the carnival to complete in several mini games to gain tickets and prizes. Prizes can be traded in for bigger prizes and tickets are used to play each area's special machine like the Fortune Teller or the Love Machine, which can unlock special items for your Mii.

The graphics are colourful and child-like, but nothing to write home about. The audio consists of pipe organ music, the carnival folk taunting you and sounds of buzzers and bells going off in the games. You know ... the kind of stuff you still have nightmares about ever since your parents took you to that Fall fair with all the scary looking carnies and the less than safety looking tilt-a-whirl.

Some of the mini games can be challenging but for the real midway pros, each area has special hard versions of games that can be unlocked when you win all the prizes in the games adjacent to it. Basically the goal of this entire game is to unlock all the games, prizes and items for your Mii and you win. This isn't really that fun for a single player, but it makes for a great party game for people of all ages to enjoy. I mean who hasn't played ring toss or balloon pop before?

Rating: 6 out of 10

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