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Feb 2, 2007

More Information on Miss Video Game

Glad everyone took the time to read my article about MVG and hoped everyone liked it. Trina from Gamingangels.com and I have put a lot of time and effort to find out the truth about the pageant.

I admit I did post the wrong web site for Titan Gaming - it is www.titanstrike.com and not the other online tournament gaming company named Titan Gaming with the web site - www.clancombat-18.com. You can see how I could get the two confused, especially when the people at MVG stopped answering my emails and I had to guess on the matter.

You see throughout all my emails to Mark about the contest, he must have not like me asking so many questions, because at one point he asked if I had a problem and wanted to be removed from the contest. At that point, I declined, but chose to remove myself later on. Seemed like Mark didn't like people asking so many questions.

On a special note though, www.titanstrike.com is owned by Mark Donovan. And the website claims the company will be in beta testing for their product in Summer 2007, which by my calculations means the software they are using for MVG will not even be ready for the actual online portion of the contest.

Actual if you read the web site, it seems like the software Titan gaming is creating is exactly like the setup for the MVG web site. The one they are slowly fixing and adding to. Could it be Titan Gaming is creating this software for MVG or made they are using MVG to test and sell the software through - like advertising.

Also I know a company that looked into being a sponsor for MVG - $15,000 for a gold sponsor with banners on the site. Guess no one wants to pay that cause there is no sponsors on the site. Plus it seems like a lot of money for a company that needs to real funding for their contest.

I just wanted to update my readers with this new information. I wish I had of know this before I did my piece, but with limited access to MVG's information, its hard to know what's what.

I've also been official removed from the MVG forums, and my posts removed as well. Guess the officials didn't like what I had to say.

I wanted everyone to know I have no problem with what the Suicide girls do. Nudity is great and I don't judge people for taking their clothes off. My only problems with the lewd pictures on the site were the fact they weren't suppose to be allowed on there as stated in the company's own rules, and the fact that this was a contest to find a suitable role model for young gamers. Anyone who does have a less than perfect past in the eyes of the world would be under scrutiny for those things and most companies tend to shy away from that.

Even I work in at a strip club, and was concerned in the beginning that I would be removed from the contest for my job or would face problems from the media if I advanced into the finals.

Also it disturbs me that anyone would post half naked pictures of themselves on a site that contain profiles of underage contestants too. I know why the girls did it, to gain votes in the first round, but this only furthers the point that this is a beauty and popularity contest and true gamers may not advance fairly to the next round if they aren't pretty or popular enough.

In my opinion, MVG could have been a great idea, but with a lack of knowledge and honesty, the contest is nothing more than a great big joke now, and the lady that wins the title will probably end up holding no weight in the gaming industry.

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