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Feb 5, 2007

Game Boy is now a movie

Alert the internets! Disney is making another video game movie.

Though it may not be as awesome as Tron, or even as awesome as the Tron level of Kingdoms Hearts, but Disney’s newest project, “Game Boys” sounds like it has a potential. Schedule for release in 2008, Game Boys follows the story of two 30-year-old gamers hired by the Department of Homeland Security to recruit an army of gamers to battle the live monsters created from the video game they have already mastered.

So far only Jerry Bruckheimer has been attached to the project as director. We’ll have to wait to see who lands the lead roles of our heroic gamers. Please no Adam Sandler and no friends of Adam Sandler. I refuse to see another Grandma’s Boy. I could deal with another “The Wizard”, especially if Wii remotes are used.

Look for this movie in the new year to see if it bombs or is just one long advertisment for a new game.

[Via MovieInsider.com]

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