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Feb 1, 2007

Games I want to see made

Movies and TV shows turned into video games don’t always turn out so good in the end, but knowing that I still have a few screen greats that I want to see turned into a pixel masterpiece.


I’m a huge Jim Henson fan. I especially love his two non-Muppet movies, Labyrinth and Dark Crystal and I feel Labyrinth is long over due to get a better game made for it.

Lucasarts made a game based on the movie, Labyrinth in 1986 for the Apple II which is great and all, but I want a new one.

An updated game version of the movie would have so many great possibilities on a next generation consoles. Here you have an epic journey with hundreds of possibilities for great levels, puzzle solving and characters. The art style of the movie alone would make for pretty graphics and cinematics on next gen. The music in the movie, created and sung by David Bowie would sound amazing in a game that could actually have the lyrics and all.

Of course, you couldn’t follow the original story because we all know how to solve the puzzles then, but if you used all the characters from the original movie except Sara and Toby, and created a new story and hero to work their way through the labyrinth, you could pull off a great game.

So, Jim Henson Production, what are you waiting for? Contact SquareEnix and get them working on a new Labyrinth game for me.

The Princess Bride

Okay, most guys cringe when they are forced to watch this movie, but it has the Dread Pirate Roberts in it and that should merit a video game alone. The characters are perfect for a video game: Wesley/Dread Pirate Roberts, a swashbuckling hero, Inigo, the master of sword fighting, and Fezzik, the giant with a heart of gold. These characters scream put me in a video game.

Sure Buttercup doesn’t sing perfect female hero, but someone needs to be saved in the long run; it is a video game after all. Imagine a huge fire swamp level containing the giant rat creatures, the random fire flashes, and the lightening sand pits. You could even throw in mini games or something, where you sail the seas as a pirate.

Again, the original story may not work for the video game version, but as long as the creators give me my three favorite heroes from the movie, I’ll be happy.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I know two games have already come out for this TV series, but what I want is an MMORPG for the series. The last episode of Buffy left the concept open for hundreds of slayers in the Buffyverse and you could easily create several races for people to choose beside slayers like witches, werewolves, vampires, watchers, and demons. The possibilities for quests would be endless and you could set the universe in the real world which would be cool. Kind of like a Second Life for Buffy fans.

Joss Whedon, call me and we’ll talk MMORPG for Buffy and Angel fans.


Joanna said...

Definetely Labyrinth!!

Deadpool said...

I'd say the Princess Bride boat came and went. Few years ago it could've been good, nowadays though? It just wouldn't sell. Although I must admit, having to hear Billy Crystal explain to me how I was only MOSTLY dead every time I lost a life does sound rather amusing...

On the subject of Buffy there's a great many franchises that go to waste in less than mediocre products, I stand behind you one hundred percent. If a game company could just fit a franchise around a game premise for once, instead of trying to make a game out of a franchise the problem may be averted someday...

Christie said...

Oh I totally agree
except on buffy as I've never watched it.
but an mmorpg of vampire slayers sound friggin awesome

Petrie said...

What guys are you hanging out with that cringe at The Princess Bride? I worked in a store that sold the merch and we went through just as much guys clothing as we did girls, so obviously the guys you associate with are pretty damn insecure.

David said...

Woah! I don't get how even the most insecure guys could cringe at princess bride! I mean, it's got great comedy, action, and pirates! Sure, it's a sweet movie and they kiss, but what, guys don't like kissing nowadays? :p

(If you can't tell, I love it ^^)

OttoMoBiehl said...

Ah, Princess Bride, a favorite in our family where there are three brothers. No cringing here. ;)