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Jun 30, 2006

We're Popular....

In attempts to get my Ten Top List some attention, I've been going around to different gaming sites trying to get the list published. So far I've only got two sites to publish the list, but I've also noticed some other places the list is popping up.

www.aeropause.com is the one site I managed to get the list published on, and I appreciate all the traffic they have been sending my way.

www.digg.com is another site I posted the list link on and have managed to get a few link clicks from.

I'd like to thank the KTEB ladies over at The Sanitarium for posting a link to the list. Long Live Kurtis Trent!

Heimdallr from My Space posted a bulletin for the list and I'd like to thank him for the notice. He's making my top 8 friends list, if he ever approves me.

European gamers apparently like the list because http://games.shizzle.be posted the list.

I'd also like to thank all the bloggers over at Girl Gamers that posted on their own sites about the list. You made this list and promoted it for me. Thank you for all your efforts.

Finally I'd like to thank Kotaku, the Gamer’s Guide, though the writer of the post put down the list calling it a, and I quote, "a more milktoast m'elange of "..."-spouting yaoi fodder", I still appreciate all the hundreds of links they're sending me. Guess even bad publicity is good.

UPDATED: www.destructoid.com added the list as an article. Thanks Mr. Destructoid!

Also the list was added as a link on the Team Xbox forums. The guys were too happy with the results.

Hopefully I can find more sites to get a link to the list posted. Sprend the word, Ladies. Prove the guys that run those sites, that women gamers are interested in this list.

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Nahu said...

You also got linked on darkdiamond.net not a bunch of traffic from there tho -_- were still very much the new kids on the block.