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Sep 4, 2006

Jessica and Kevin - Faith and Tommy

One of my readers and fellow Destructoid.com writer, Walter Crespo sent me this picture from a recent photo shoot for the new magazine, Geek Weekly.

Jessica Chobot from IGN.com and #6 Kevin Pereira from Attack of the Show are showing off their sexy new clothes in a spread for the magazine. It's nice and I would envy Jessica had I not had my own little picture to show off.

Here's my picture with my #1, Tommy Tallerico, Jack Wall (Composer), and Julian Spillane (Chair of the Toronto Independent Games Conference and Software Develvoper).

I may not have anyone grabbing my butt, but three guys surrounding me on a couch is good enough for me. :)

It would have been better with Becky Young on my lap. LOL

I'll post about my geek weekend soon.


Anonymous said...

Raise a hand if you care.

Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Jessica.

Anonymous said...

Someone get them a double-ended dildo!

Walter said...

Hi Faith,
I think you look great in this picture, really pretty.

Faith said...

Well, apparently three people do care.

Nice when anonymous people are idiots... no real balls to post who they really are.

Becky "Aktrez" Young said...

Hey Faith,

WIsh I had jumped over all 4 of you and joined as well! That would have been a fun picture.

Anyway, it was amazing meeting you in person! I only wish we had more time to spend together. Next time... next time!


FAMICOM83 said...

How did you get to meet Tommy! Thats sweet.

p.s. I am from Hamilton, its nice to see a Canadian gal with her own video game site, very hot and cool!

I like the school girl skirt avitar ;) HOT

Grim said...

I just found my way over here from Dtoid. It's great to see a fellow video game blogger with such an original blog.

Julian said...

Hahaha, such awesome memories. Hey, do you have a hires version of this photo by any chance?