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Jul 1, 2006

Nintendo News | Mario Has a Large Erection

By Adam Riley (jesusraz)
30.06.2006 10:07
As of 29th June, Nintendo of Canada and Canstruction will have the world's largest Mario structure erected in the central heart of Toronto's downtown area, Dundas Square, all in the name of charity. The twist to the tale is that the statue will be made entirely from tinned goods!

In honour of New Super Mario Bros., which has apparently become the fastest selling game ever in Canada, the mammoth erection will consist of 4,000 cans, weighing in at 2,600 lbs and stretching as high as 10 foot! Working with a architects company called 'Canstruction', the tins will be specially chosen to reproduce Mario's colourful appearance. The cans were kindly donated by Daily Bread Food Bank.

People wandering by looking bemused will be placated by having the chance to actually sample the excellent DS game, which launches across Europe today (check out the review here). A small image of the structure can be seen below:

Mario's Large Erection

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SOURCE: www.cubed3.com

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