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Jun 16, 2006

More and More Video Game Hotties

Revolver Ocelot - Metal Gear Series

Sol BadGuy - Guilty Gear 3

Vega - Street Fighter Series

Terry Bogard - Fatal Fury Series

Ky Kiske - Guilty Gear 2

Kazuya - Tekken

Feng Wei - Tekken Series

Ash Williams - Evil Dead Series

Earthquake - Samuri Shodown

Devil Jin Jin - Tekken Series

Clive - Suikoden 1&2

Zhao Yun - Dynasty Warriors Series

Raiden - Metal Gear Series

Raikov - Metal Gear Series

Psycho Mantis - Metal Gear Series

Liquid Snake - Metal Gear Series

Genome Soliders - Metal Gear Series

Carlos - Resident Evil: Nemesis

Bridget - (Guilty Gear Series)

Shen Woo - King of Fighters Series

Don Lon - King of Fighters Series

Billy Kane - King of Fighters Series

Henry - Silent Hill 4: The Room

Vincent - Silent Hill 3

James - Silent Hill 2

Harry - Silent Hill

Avatar - Ultima Series


Brinstar said...

I would like to vote AGAINST the old Revolver Ocelot (whom you have pictured there), and cast a vote FOR the YOUNG Revolver Ocelot (whom you don't have pictured at all).

Faith said...

I'll change that picture for you as I didn't know there was a difference.

I'm changing the old snake picture too.