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Jun 15, 2006

More Hotties to Vote For

Here's a bunch more pictures to help you vote. I'll add the rest later.

Lucas Kane - Indigo Prophecy

Kratos - God of War

Gordon Freeman - Half Life 1 & 2

Zidane - Final Fantasy IX

Cid Highwind - Final Fantasy VII

Seifer - Final Fantasy VIII

Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII

Vincent Valentine - Final Fantasy VII

Sir Auron - Final Fantasy X

Carth Onasi - Knights of the Old Republic

Atton Rand - Knights of the Old Republic 2


kimnrowdy said...

It's all about Kratos with this one.

Strifekun said...

Atton! XD

But I'm tempted to say Seifer because of the awsome pic!

Anonymous said...

Carth and Gordon for the win! ^___^

SpeedOfDarkk said...

Vincent Valentine. Definately. Mrow.