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Nov 9, 2015

Etsy Store Add: Fallout Pipboy and Nuka Cola Bottle Cap Stand

Greeting from the future! Prepare for the post-apocalyptic wasteland by first grabbing yourself a pixel art version of Pipboy and displaying him by your gaming console or computer setup.

Pipboy stands up on his very own Nuka Cola bottle cap for display on a flat surface.

Each piece is made from plastic perler and hama beads which are non-toxic. Pipboy is made with tabs that easily fit into the nuka cola stand piece upon delivery.

Each Pipboy is $10 plus shipping (Canadian dollars)

(Nuka Cola Bottle Cap is a original design by Pixelized Creations. Please do not copy for commercial purposes.)

Check out Pixelized Creations here for your very own Pipboy.

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