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Jul 22, 2015

Help me fund my Etsy store, Pixelized Creations again

I have been trying to restart my Etsy store, once Pixelated Creations, but now called Pixelized Creations but due to a lack of funds, I have not been able to get the supplies needed to stock my store with all the best items.

I have a few items up in the store but only old items I have on hand but nothing is selling and so I can't put any money towards buying any new supplies for new items which I know will sell like they used to.

So I have decided to turn to Kickstarter to bank roll my store reopening. There are various pledge levels from $5 to $50 with lots of great reward items like Chocobo & Moogle magnets, Super Mario Bros. Mushroom keychains, Final Fantasy Character 4 magnet sets, Secret of Mana magnets set, and more.

Please check my Kickstarter page out and consider pledging. Once I have reached my goal of $300 (beads are not cheap even though they are a kid's craft), I will get everyone's rewards out as soon as possible.

Check it out here.

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