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Dec 22, 2010

Picture Thief Alert: Another Etsy Seller At It Again

So this time I'm not one of the people getting screwed here - actually I've just about wrapped up my Etsy store due to lack of time but it still kills me to see other sellers on Etsy using pictures stolen from my fellow bead artists.

We all sell items from video games, I get that but if you don't have a product pre-made to post on Etsy, then make it before you sell it. Don't rip off someone other artist's picture and slap it on your site until you can make one. It's false advertising.

If you really need to put a pre-order spot for a customer, then put a picture of the sprite as a placeholder and not a picture of bead art from another artist. And especially don't post a picture and claim it's your work.

We will find out and bust you.

Like this artist currently selling on Etsy - Rainbow Kid Shop. She used this picture from another Etsy artist, Pixelated Productions to reserve a bead art piece for a customer. Again, its a video game sprite, so use the bloody sprite from the game as a placeholder and not another person's work. You are creating false advertising - some Etsy shopper is going to think that is your original work.

Now that she's actually created the piece, she's posted her own picture of it in a second listing but she should have put the work in before hand. Lazy bitch.

Then there's this little item - the Tetris coaster which I know has been ripped off many times over but focus on the picture here she's using and not the concept. It's the same as this Etsy artist. I love how Rainbow Kid hasn't even tried to modify the pictures in anyway - just posting the same picture from other Etsy artists. So glad I reported these.

Then we have the final nail in the coffin, the Mario Checkers picture which she didn't even remove the time stamp from. She got this one from this artist, coolstuffforsale. This item has been blogged about on various websites in the past, so you know Rainbow Kid is ripping this picture and idea off. Nice one.

Yeah, Rainbow Kid is definitely getting coal in her stocking this year. And maybe some dog poop too.


ashleyl0413 said...

She stole from you too:


Look familiar?

Faith said...

Yeah, there's a few on there that are mine. And quite a few more that are other people's work. She really has no shame.