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Dec 23, 2010

Update to Rainbow Kid Shop - the Etsy Picture Thief

Got looking into more items from their store today and I found more stolen pictures in their listings.

Their listing for a Zelda Coaster set and then the original picture stolen from Snippygal's flickr account.

Their listing for a Super Mario Bros. 3 Coaster Set (note the same non-matching back shot of the coasters) - And then the original picture stolen from Jejune.net

Then this listing for Super Mario Bros. Coasters has two stolen pictures - From Jejune.net again and from my first found bead artist and inspiration for my whole hobby, Foglera. The bitches are stealing from my Obi-Wan!

Not good at all. So that's what at least 7 stolen pictures confirmed and when we confronted the couple running the store about it, they claimed ignorance and that the pictures came from clients. Still haven't taken them down though. Plus they are promoting the one stolen picture listing on their Twitter account today. Classy!

Reported all the listings and the store to Etsy plus sent messages to all the artists involved, so hopefully the store will be shutdown soon.

Please no one buy from this store - you will not get anything you see in the pictures. These shop owners are advertising false work and are stealing from good artists that make their stuff first.

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