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Dec 27, 2010

And Who Says Trolling Doesn't Work?

I don't suggest you troll other people but when the nice method doesn't work - troll away.

This morning I checked RainbowKidShop's store and all the listings were either changed to new pictures created by her or they were just removed all together. Now she's still stealing ideas from other people which sucks but at least she's posting pictures of the stolen ideas she made with her own two hands, and not the actual picture stolen from the artist.

Now we don't know if the stolen pictures on the My Space page are gone yet, but since she decided to close off the page to anybody but her friends, I figure it's a win for us here. She can't promote the store to strangers using our stolen pictures if no one but her friends and family can see it, so I think a few battles have been won here.

Unfortunately she still has a few photos on her Etsy Store Facebook page with is open to the public and we can't have that. So we're leaving bad reviews on the page and I reporting the page as promoting a scam which is true. She posted false information on her page, so its a technically a scam.

Honestly if she just removed those last few photos off the facebook page I would be happy and I think the rest of the crafters would be too.

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