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Dec 25, 2010

HO HO HO - Harass an Art Thief Day!

Yeah, I'm not going to see my family til next week cause I'm working later today, so I have lots of time to blog about evil picture thieves.

So the army is out in full force! You just don't mess with our community cause we get pissed when you rip us off.

RainbowKidShop aka. Sheena and Joshua from North Carolina

Their information: 

Since they both signed one of the emails...
Here is Joshua's My Space page:
As well as his facebook:
www.facebook.com/squirrelraper#!/profile.php? id=44105979

Yeah, we're doing our homework on these people.

Anyway, further investigation found that she had a My Space full of more stolen picture including some of my work like my Final Fantasy VI collection, my Float Eye and my Pac Man picture frame. God, it was worse than the Etsy store. She has at least 10 or more artists on the My Space that she was using stolen pictures from to promote her store. Again, no credit given to us - they were just posted on there like they were hers.

I tried to leave some links to the original photos as proof of what she did but she blocked the comments and me plus now she's blocked anyone from seeing her page except friends. Guilty much.

A few other artists she stole from have posted about her misdeeds on their blogs and flickr accounts.

You can find Oh Yeah Drink Kool Aid aka Janna's post here and Gamer Grrlz's post here

And thanks to my posts, Rainbow Kid finds herself at the top of google search as a picture thief and not a Etsy seller. BOOYAH!

I have to find it funny that this chick is ripping off work that has been made, sold and blogged about well before her store even existed. Did she really think no one would notice? That no one would realize she was using other artists' pictures in her store?

Honestly at this point, she is just better off to remove all the picture before things get worse.


ashleyl0413 said...

She changed her twitter now and made it private. It is safe to say she is feeling the heat.


Janna said...

haha, awesome!

ashleyl0413 said...

You can leave a review on her "business" facebook. Pass it around http://tinyurl.com/3aknbvl