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Aug 30, 2010

Art Thief Alert: Frost Claw Studios

Hyrule Sword and Shield by ~Frost-Claw-Studios on deviantART Oh the douchebags, they just keep coming don't they? If the internet has taught me anything as an artist, it is one thing. WATERMARK, WATERMARK, WATERMARK! God, the newest pattern of mine to spread like fucking herpes throughout the beading community is my Master Sword idea along with the borrowed but always credited Shield from Gold Stud (which is what he always asked for). I posted this combo on my flickr account back in May 2009 but recently it has appeared on Deviant Art about 5 or 6 times and someone decided to sell it on Etsy.

Now I don't mind people using my original work as long as they credit me but one guy posting under Frost Claw Studios is not only using my work but he is claiming it as he own. Plus he's using other artist's work I know like Geek Mythology and he really is claiming he made her work - complete with dumb links to posters that apparently inspired him.
Left4DeadTank - His 
Left4DeadTank - GM

He was banned from one site for stealing original work but now he's moved onto Deviant Art and has just reposted everything there. I tried to ask for credit on my piece but he banned me from the comments, so no one can see the truth of what he did.

I would ask that everyone post a little something on his page to remind him that stealing isn't cool and maybe even report his ass to the site. My sword pattern I made out of thin air - no modded, no nothing and I don't appreciate other people ripping my stuff off and selling it without at least giving me credit. Click on the picture above and let him know that not crediting artists for their hardwork is not cool, if you have a deviant art account.

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Eric said...

Dont feel bad, he's stolen quite a few of mine as well. I also have your sword and sheild design on my da but have credited you for it. I reported him or stealing my orginal Tardis Design...
Eric ~Raven~