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Aug 9, 2010

Apparently Now I'm From Costa Rica

So the other day I got an email from a friend telling me that I work has appeared on a gallery for Perler Bead art. So I followed the link she sent me and find my 3D Mario Mushroom picture uploading onto some gallery for a Perler Bead store but it's listed under the name, Adrian - 14-year-old, Costa Rica. What the fuck!

Now I wouldn't be so mad if it was my design he stole but it was my picture. He couldn't even get up of his lazy little 14-year-old butt to made the god damn thing himself in order to earn the pattern the site offers when you post something in the gallery. Nope, he just ripped off my picture and uploaded it.

But I have spies everywhere as I always say and I found out. I emailed the main parent company site, EK Success Brands, to get them to take the picture down but they never responded, useless pricks ... so I'm just going to rant about their lack of help and this little bastard, Adrian on all my online outlets. Probably won't do anything but it makes me feel better.

Also from here on out, every one of my photos will be re-uploaded with my company name on them. I am so sick of people stealing my photos and custom designs.

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