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Sep 6, 2009

Epic 8-Bit Art: Pixel Art Around the Internets: Updated with Video

A pixel painting by Lost Child, another member of the Pixelgasm forum. (Pixel painting is when you paint the entire piece via tiny little squares). This is an unfinished piece but Lost Child plans to finish it real soon.
This painting is from the intro of Link's Awakening. You can find more of Lost Child's artwork on her Deviant Art page. [Via Pixelgasm Forum]

This is one way to get people to buy your soda at your store. Kudos to the creative stockboy genius at this store. [Via Mr. Spooky's Dtoid C-blog]


Apparently the display is from a Safeway in Northern California and the idea came from a guy named Ryan who offered the idea for their Labour Day weekend display. Grand idea, Ryan!

Then there's the guy only known as Jeff who's been apparently using his time on Farmville, the new Facebook app much more creatively then the rest of us who are just trying to get a damn barn. All these cool sprites are made from coloured hay bails you can buy in the game.


That Girl said...

OMG this is awesome!

Alwarion said...

Nice Link! I've also beaded it.. but with the rope in the colors as in the game.. =)

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