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Aug 1, 2009

Sin to Win: The Future of EA's 7 Deadly Sin Contests

It seems like the public is just never going to let this thing die along with all the other lost souls in the circles of Hell.

So it seems a lot of people weren't happy with EA's Sin to Win contest, but hey, I wasn't one of them. I personally am just mad I wasn't at Comic Con 09 with a giant reason to take pictures of myself with hot costumed girls. I totally missed out. These people didn't and they looked like they had fun with the ladies. I'd also like to note all the lack of sexual harassment in those pictures. Not a tit or butt grab in one of them. There's even a picture with two costumed dudes in it.

Yep, I have no problem with EA and if I had it my way, I would have EA run the next contest at the Fan Expo in Toronto which is coming up in August. They are welcome to party it up in Canada. I even have some ideas for the new 7 deadly sins contest too.
Gluttony: Taking pictures of yourself while eating at the Fan Expo or taking a picture of a videogame costumed person while they eat at Fan Expo.

Wrath: Take angry pictures of costumed people fake fighting at the Fan Expo while you try to break it up. Bonus points if the angry costumed person is beating on you in the picture.

Sloth: Send in pictures of your friends or random people while sleeping in weird places at the Fan Expo. We've all seen one or two people sleeping in a line or in a hallway at these events, so these pictures are possible to get.

Greed: Prizes to the person with the biggest swag collection from Fan Expo or the coolest. Bonus points for all celebrity hair you collect.

Pride: You have to send in a convincing essay on why you are truly the biggest and best convention geek to go to Fan Expo with.

Envy: Just take pictures of all the cool stuff you wish you had and why you deserve that item. Pictures of costumed hotties will be accepted. The winner will be chosen based on the best explanation.
There you go, EA. Those are my ideas for some of your next contests and my offer to hit up the Fan Expo in Toronto, Canada for your next game promotion.

I'm all for any excuse to commit a little sin with you.

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