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Jul 31, 2009

VII Days .... huh? Updated

Square Enix has been giving us a lot of games and surprises over the last year from the re-release of Final Fantasy VII on the Playstation Network to the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV Online coming to the Playstation 3 and PC.

But now they are killing us with a trailer countdown site that only shows a mysterious VII Days and a timer that right now is at 42 minutes and dropping. Beyond that there is no real indication of what the game is they are teasing.

The VII would have everyone creaming in their pants at the prospect that this could be a teaser for a remake of Final Fantasy VII, but Siliconera found some hidden art concepts that apparently have to do with the site and they seem to think this is a Lord of Vermillion teaser site due to the similarity in art style.

I guess we will know the truth behind this site in less than 42 minutes.

[UPDATED: Blurg! Instead of revealing something, the site just changed the number of days from VII to VI - I guess this means we have to wait another 6 days before we find out what this site is for. Still hoping the Final Fantasy VII remake.]>

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