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Jul 25, 2009

Hello, Sexy Goodness! Guybrush vs. LeChuck Statue

Right now I wish I had a spare $90 plus shipping laying around because the Star Wars Shop has just opened up pre-orders for a wicked looking statue of Guybrush Threepwood fighting LeChuck the Ghost Pirate from the re-vamped version of The Secret of Monkey Island.

It's pretty damn sexy looking, though I would have preferred zombie pirate LeChuck to ghost pirate LeChuck. Zombies are just all the rage nowadays, you know.

The statue will set you back $89.99 if you pre-order now and it will ship September 10th. Don't wait either cause there's only 1000 of these puppies to go around. Grab the statue at StarWarsShop.com now or suffer the curse of LeChuck, ya scurvy dogs!

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